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What I do
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Welcome :)


On this page is a summary of all my projects. For information about specific projects you can skip to the dedicated page in the links above.


If you want to know more about me please click here.


Jeremy and I wrote “The Graphic Design Process: How to succeed in Design School” based on my thesis work. It was published by Bloomsbury Press in September 2019. This book explains how to navigate the creative process from receiving a brief to presentation. You can buy the book from Amazon.



My friend Jason and I make a podcast about typefaces – which we try to make amusing. You can visit our buzz sprout page or explore episodes here on the website.

My identical twin sister ‘The Thesis Whisperer’ Inger Mewburn and I make a podcast about Academic TV shows. Our second seasons is about the Apple TV show Severance. Explore episodes here.



There are other decks of cards and apps for creatives, but my friend Jeremy Stout and I created this tool especially for graphic designers. All the strategies, methods, and techniques have been tailored to be useful for working on any communication design challenge. You can buy the deck or download the app.




I contributed a piece on using an ANT approach to research for a book called Bite: Recipes for Great Research. It’s a neat little book, unfortunately it’s no longer available to download for free, but hopefully it will be again soon!



I developed 28 online classes, and have overseen the build of all 43 online classes for the School of Graphic Design and Digital Media at the Academy of Art UniversitySan Francisco. I have produced and taught classes for all levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) for both the graduate and undergraduate programs. 


Each class consists of extensive planning documentation, and approximately 38K words. All classes include rich media and video content, images, assignments, interactive elements exams and quizzes.  


Subject areas include: visual communication, thesis development, research methods, history of graphic design, branding, UX design, typography, experimental typography, design theory, colour theory, visual literacy and semiotics, digital tools (Adobe CS), information design, and motion design.




Every year I give lectures about slide design, information design and typesetting for PhD students at the Australian National University (ANU) — where I hand out a ‘typesetting recipe’ for making a thesis text design. I recently started helping students with the Visualise your Thesis competition, here is a workshop I gave at LaTrobe University in 2017.


I regularly give presentations about online design learning and teaching to various groups —this is one I recorded for TypeCon way back in 2011 and a more recent one about online student engagement for RMIT.


My collegue Jeremy Stout and I made a workshop about using design research methods in curriculum development for DRS Cumulus in 2015 and the AIGA Frontiers Design Educators Conference in 2016.




I’ve written posts about surviving the thesis experience for the Thesis Whisperer blog. One on hating derrida, one on framing the thesis struggle as a cupcake and another on getting through the ‘Swamp of Sadness.’




Feel the Fear: Learning Graphic Design in Affective Places and Online Spaces By Anitra Nottingham

International Journal of Art and Design Education (2018)


Connecting the Space between Design and Research: Explorations in participatory research supervision By Glenda Amayo Caldwell, Lindy Osborne, Inger Mewburn & Anitra Nottingham

Educational Philosophy and Theory (2016)

My thesis Reshaping Design Education (2013) is about teaching graphic design in onsite and online spaces, it uses Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and Non-Representational Theory to suggest new ways to think about online design teaching and learning experiences. Email me for a copy as a PDF.


I presented a paper about affect and design school hallways which was preliminary research for my thesis work at DRS Cumulus in Oslo 2013 (proceedings here)



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